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Application of Biomass Pellet Making Worldwide

Research and development of biomass energy technology currently has become one of the world's hot topics which attract widespread attentions of governments and scientists all over the world in last few years. Many countries have developed research and development programs, such as the Sunshine Project in Japan, Green Energy Project in India, etc, in which the development and utilization of biomass pellet making machine accounts for a sizeable share. Many biomass energy technology and equipment have been put into commercial application, and compared with other biomass energy technologies, biomass pellet fuel technology is easier to be put into large-scale production and use. Using biomass pellet fuel is as convenient as traditional fuel like gas, oil, etc.
Equipment making pellets
Take the United States, Sweden and Austria as examples. The application scale of biomass energy accounts for 4%, 16% and 10% of their primary energy consumption respectively. In the US, the total installed capacity of biomass power generation has reached over 10,000 MV, with stand-alone capacity arriving at 10 - 25 MV. That evidently proves the prospects of biomass energy and biomass pellet making machines.
As the producer of biomass energy especially biomass pellets, the biomass pellet making machine has long been used in a variety of countries. Japan invented the rod machines and related combustion equipment in the 1950s. The US developed biomass pellet making machines and pellet stoves in 1976. In west Europe, a number of countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium, have already used stamping machines, pellet making machines and ancillary combustion devices. Later in 1980s, countries like Thailand, India, South Korea and Philippines also built many professional production plants focusing on biomass pelletizing and carbonizing.
Used in both industrial and civil heating, biomass energy is gradually becoming the common fuel in areas of production and life, especially the biomass pellet fuel. Therefore, biomass pellet making machine, the generator of biomass pellets, will be energy of strategic importance and great value.
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