Flat die pellet machine

Raw materials of flat die pellet machine

Different from ring die pellet machine, flat die pellet machine is suitable for small scale industry or just home use. With flat die pellet machines, the waste of household can be processed into biomass pellets, which can be used as biofuels instead of coal, natural gas etc.
Flat die pellet machine can process a wide range of raw materials. Such as rice husk, rice bran, wheat bran, maize straw, pineapple peel, peanut husk, canola straw, fresh grass, hay, bamboo, alfalfa, sawdust, wood shaving, wood powder, wood crapes, garbage waste paper and plastic, etc. If you have more than two kinds of raw materials you can also mix them together to obtain better pelletizing effect. If the size of raw materials is too big, a hammer mill is necessary.
raw materials for flat die pellet machine
pellets made by flat die pellet mills

Flat die pellet machine main components

The most important components of flat die pellet machine are dies and rollers, apart from these, a flat die pellet machine is composed of a hopper, transmission shaft, gear box, drive engine, slicer and outlet hopper.

Working principle of flat die pellet machine

First, feed the prepared raw materials into the hopper to distribute them on the flat die evenly. Then driven by different engines, like electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline and PTO, the main shaft will rotate the flat die and roller, with the extrusion between flat dies and rollers, the raw materials will be squeezed into the hole of flat dies and then be pressed. Now the heat of raw materials can up to over 80℃ due to the high friction between flat dies and rollers, which makes it easy to be molded, when they are out of the flat die holes, they will be the shape of cylinder because of the hole shape, and under the flat die, there is a rotating slicer, which can cut the cylinder pellets into the certain length, and at last fall out of the machine through outlet hopper.
components of flat die pellet machines

Difference between R and D type flat die pellet machine

Generally speaking, there are two types of flat die pellet machine, D type and R type. For electric motor and diesel engine flat die pellet machine can be divided into these two types, but for gasoline and PTO flat die pellet machine, they usually adopt D type, rather than R type.
The difference between them lies in the transmission components and motion pattern. D type means a rotating die and a stationary roller, while R type refers to rotating roller and a stationary die. But their appearance is almost the same. Consider the production capacity, R type is a little higher than D type, homologous, the price of R type is a little higher than D type. Anyway, both types can produce excellent pellets. And D type is standard version, customers are also familiar with it, it’s popular with new comer. While R-type is suitable for customers who wants higher production capacity.

D-typeflat die pellet machine
R type flat die pellet mill

Types and Specifications


Drive Mode MODEL POWER CAPACITY (kg/h) WEIGHT (nw/gw)
Electric motor pellet mill
Electric motor
ZLSP-D 150B 5.5kW 50-100 95/110
ZLSP-D 200B 7.5 kW 80-120 200/230
ZLSP-D 230B 11 kW 120-200 290/320
ZLSP-D 260B 15 kW 160-250 320/360
ZLSP-D 300B 22 kW 250-400 350/380
electric motor pellet mill with enclosure
Electric motor
with enclosure
ZLSP-D 150C 5.5kW 60-110 105/125
ZLSP-D 200C 7.5 kW 80-120 210x230
ZLSP-D 230C 11 kW 120-200 290/320
ZLSP-D 260C 15 kW 160-250 340/370
ZLSP-D 300C 22 kW 250-400 425/465
diesel engine pellet mill
Diesel engine
ZLSP-D 150A 8HP 50-100 180/220
ZLSP-D 200A 15 HP 80-120 210/240
ZLSP-D 230A 22 HP 120-200 280/310
ZLSP-D 260A 30 HP 160-250 330/360
ZLSP-D 300A 41 HP 250-400 410-450
gasoline engine pellet mill
Gasoline engine
ZLSP-150Q 7.5HP 90-120 180-220
PTO pellet mill
ZLSP-D 150P ≥8 HP 50-100 90-110
ZLSP-D 200P ≥15 HP 80-120 130/150
ZLSP-D 230P ≥22 HP 120-200 175/200
ZLSP-D 260P ≥33 HP 160-250 235/255
ZLSP-D 300P ≥41 HP 250-400 305/325


Drive Model MODEL POWER CAPACITY (kg/h) WEIGHT (nw/gw)
electric motor pellet mills
Electric motor
ZLSP-R 200B 7.5kW 80-120 215/245
ZLSP-R 300B 22 kW 250-350 540/575
ZLSP-R 400B 30 kW 350-450 770/810
ZLSP-R 420B 37 kW 400-600 700/1100/1200
ZLSP-R 550B 55 kW 500-800 1770
diesel engine pellet mills
Diesel engine
ZLSP-R 200A 15HP 80-120 320/350
ZLSP-R 300A 41 HP 250-350 850/890
ZLSP-R 400A 55 HP 350-450 1010/1050

Advantages of GEMCO flat die pellet machine

  • The holes of flat die are manufactured according to your specific raw material to make sure best yield of your pellets. For one kind of raw material, you will have one customized flat die for it.
  • All the parts are made of superior raw materials, which makes them more wear-resisting and durable to use, so has long lifespan.
  • GEMCO has professionals doing the raw material test and have obtained best compression ratio for over 20 kinds of common seen biomasses. If your raw material is a new type, we can do free raw material test for you.
  • High output, low energy consumption, low noise, easy operation, convenient maintenance, GEMCO flat die pellet machine can be continuous production, and economic durable.
  • GEMCO has professional service team to give you guidance on pellets production and solving your problems. We offer 24/7 service.
  • The pellets made by GEMCO flat die pellet machine have smooth and even surface, of high standard hardness and heat value.
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