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Discover Wealth with EFB Pellet Machines

You must have seen food fried with palm oil often, but do you really know about the oil palms? Large amounts of empty fruit bunches, often abbreviated as EFB, are left useless every year, which, however, can be resolved by a kind of solid biofuel processing equipment, the EFB pellet machine. Follow us - one of the best pellet machine suppliers - to discover the secret of EFB pellet machines.
Oil palms

Background information
As one of the commonly seen cooking ingredients native to Southeast Asia, Africa and parts of Brazil, palm oil is well known in commercial food industry all over the world. There is quite a wide distribution of oil palms in the areas above, especially in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Palm oil industry is an indispensable industry in Southeast Asia, but after mature fruit of palm oil is separated from the stem, the empty fruit bunches become waste. Most of the EFB is incinerated while the ash will be used as fertilizer, but the environmental pollution caused is not accepted by many people. Millions of tons of EFB are produced and discarded annually, encouraging people to continuously study the possibility of reuse the waste.
KMPM420 EFB pellet mill

Advantages of EFB pellets made by EFB pellet machines
1. Concentrated distribution of EFB makes it easier to acquire. As is known to us, palm fruit is first transported to the oil crushing plant, and then the residue, namely EFB, acts as the raw material of EFB pellets. So the raw material is often concentrated in the oil crushing plant so that gives convenience to acquire.
2. There is plenty of raw material for EFB pellet machines. Oil palms fruit all year round, so that every day a considerable amount of EFB can be attained, and shortage of raw material is not likely to arise.
3. Raw material is of high quality. Rich in crude fiber, EFB of oil palms is able to be compressed into pellet biofuel by EFB pellet machines only after dried and crushed.
4. EFB pellets are widely used. Processed by EFB pellet machines, EFB pellet fuel can be used in a wide range of areas. Not only can it be adopted by enterprises to heat boilers, but also it is an informed choice for home use. But be sure to choose the reputable pellet machine supplier.

Now that there are so many advantages to produce EFB pellets with EFB and EFB pellet machines, why not have a try! As a quality pellet machine supplier, we are committed to providing best products with the lowest price.
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