GEMCO wood pellet plant of 4-5 tons in Vietnam

On 18th, June, 2017, GEMCO made a bargain with the customers from Vietnam, this 4-5 tons wood pellet plant was built in Hoi Chi Minh city.
Customers supply the raw materials of shaving and sawdust. The production capacity can reach up to 4-5 tons per hour, with the other equipments such as separator bin, ring die pellet mill, cooler, sieving machine and so on with the function of pre-treatment, cooling, sieving and the most important PM508 ring die pellet mill, we offered the trial production. Here are some pictures about this 4-5 tons wood pellet plant, they show you the details of this project.
wood pellets plant in Vietnam
4-5 tons wood pellets plant
wood pellets plant
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