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Three issues about homemade pellet machine

Now, all over the world, especially in the USA, pellets as biofuel is warmly welcomed due to the renewability, clean and relatively low prices. In the year 2013, the global wood pellets production reached 220 million tons based on the data from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). More and more families begin to use pellets as fuel. In this situation, homemade pellet machine is exactly meeting the requirements, which is convenient for family to make pellets.  

How does a homemade pellet machine work?

Homemade pellet machine also can be regarded as flat die pellet machine or small pellet machine. The raw materials are poured to the hopper of pellet machine, then as the rotate of dies, the rollers press the raw materials to the hole of the dies. Continually, raw materials are pressed into cylinder shape, and cut into certain length by the slicer and fall down to the container. This is the working principle of homemade pellet machine, if you know about this, you can make sure if you need one to use in your family.
Operate pellet machines

Raw materials can be processed

Many families who want to own a homemade pellet machine have their own yard, so the common raw material is grass, plus some other household garbage also can be processed into pellets by homemade pellet machines. Such as waste paper, sawdust, plastics, leaves in the garden, grass and etc. not only can deal with the household garbage, but also can save money on fuel. So it’s recycled resource. Especially in America, some of people have their own apartment with the garden or yard, so homemade pellet machine can help a lot to the family.

Advantages of homemade pellet machine

  • Suitable for different feedstock.
  • Visibility, to viewing the material during pelletization as the best way to fix problems.
  • The holes of flat die are manufactured according to your specific raw material to make sure best yield of your pellets.
  • The homemade pellet machine does not cost much. As long as you have enough raw materials for making pellets, you will save a lot on your fuel bill in the following cold winters.
  • Movable pellet making machine with motor, it can work very well anywhere you want, so much convenience!
  • Easy operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, low power consumption
pellet machine working process

How to choose a proper homemade pellet machine?

Now that you understand the homemade pellet machine, are you interested in buying such a machine? But how to choose one?  There are some suggestions.
First and most important, to check the quality of homemade pellet machines, check the strength of manufacturer.
Compare the price among different manufacturers of homemade pellet machines to choose the most suitable one with super quality and competitive price.
To have a free test with your own raw materials. Most of the manufacturers offer the free test, to check if it can meet your requirements.
Purchase homemade pellet machine in China
Now it’s a tendency to purchase homemade pellet machine from China. Because if you choose it from the reliable manufacturer, you can guarantee the quality and good after sales service. GEMCO is such a manufacturer, we supply professional pellet machines for all the clients. Welcome to our factory to get the latest price!

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