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Why pellets are better than logs as biofuels?

Advantages of wood pellets

It’s a fact that the debate between wood pellets and logs has been discussed for a long time. Both have its advantages and disadvantages, but now that we use wood pellets instead of logs, we must refer to the advantages of wood pellets first. Compared to the logs, there are many advantages of wood pellets as follows:

  • The combustion efficiency and heat of wood pellets are pretty high, generally the calorific value ranges from 3900 to 4800 kilocalorie/ kg. and the calorific value after carbonization can up to 7000-8000 kilocalorie/kg.
  • The purity of wood pellets is high. There are not any sundries such as high moisture content, stone etc,  which don’t generate the heat. Thus can reduce the cost of the enterprise.
  • If wood pellets are used in the boiler to generate electric or others, there is no sulphur and phosphorus, which will not corrode the boiler, prolong the lifetime of it.
  • Wood pellets are very clean and sanitation, it is convenient to put wood pellets as biofuels, reduce the labour intensity and improve the working condition. What’s more, reduce the cost also.
  • Wood pellets are easy to store and transport due to the shape. Which can reduce the cost of transporting.

Shortage of logs as fuels

1. The resources of logs is very scarce. It is a long time for the logs can be used, unseasoned wood is very inefficient. So the period is long and that is not good, maybe there will be shortage using logs as fuels.
2. The gases and acids released are harmful to the boiler and produce excessive smoke and ash. While wood pellets won’t release such noxious gas.
3. The moisture content of logs is very high, if let the logs dry naturally, it will be a rather long time, but if you with the help of drier machine, it is quite expensive.
4. It is difficult to store and transport the logs, perhaps you need a very big place, it’s not convenient.
Now that we know that as fuels wood pellets are better than logs, then we need some machines to process logs into wood pellets, that is pellet machines. But we should pay attention to the quality of logs, which can directly affect the quality of wood pellets, GEMCO pellet machines can satisfy your requirements with different production capacity. Especially our small mobile pellet plant, with the hammer mill, can process the raw materials easily into wood pellets.

So if you have logs, and you want to make some wood pellets for home use, or plan to sell to others, both are ok, it’s a good opinion to choose a suitable pellet machine to process.

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